Your Offering

We are very grateful for those who choose to support our ministry financially. We do ask all who wish to freely give to us to consider the following:

  • Give in the Spirit, never out of pride or obligation.
  • Give out of abundance and not as an alternative to supporting your local church.
  • Give in solidarity with your spouse through prayerful consideration.
  • Give with purpose by choosing to serve in the ministry alongside men and women just like you.
  • Give with intention through a recurring offering that helps us sustain the ministry over time.
If you decide supporting our ministry financially is in your calling and ability, please click the button below where you can make a one-time or recurring offering. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us.


Our Stewardship

As a 501(c)(3), our ministry is designed to operate in the red. We strongly believe that every resource, both blessings of volunteers and finances belong to Lord (Psalm 24:1). Our purpose is to equip (Ephesians 4:12) those who are called to fulfill the Great Commission at our side. Unfortunately there are costs associated with this mission. This is how we make use of the blessings we are given.
The Encounter Weekend
Every server, whether they come once a year server, are an everyday leader, or paid staff, pays the same price for each and every Encounter as the attendees. The cost of every ticket includes transportation to and from a local church to a camp, 2 nights of accommodations, 6 meals, and 3 full days of camp facility rental. Our costs tend to fluctuate, especially with challenges Christian camps have been experiencing during the pandemic, but these are estimates based on current conditions.

  • The average cost for Encounter in roughly $160 per attendee.
  • The average revenue generated per attendee, including merchandise and offerings is $205, for a net of about $45 per attendee.
  • 10 to 25% of attendees receive partial to full scholarships which accounts for nearly all revenue generated above costs.
  • Any additional revenue is carried to the next Encounter as scholarship funds and used to place deposits on facilities and transportation.
Advancing the Kingdom

A core part of our vision is to see God’s love reach the ends of the earth through His Gospel. As we expand to new regions it our expectation that His provision will cover the costs associated with this growth. The men and women who financially support this ministry have generously and sacrificially funded the opportunity to grow in Nevada, California, Michigan, and Alabama. Each region costs approximately $20,000 to launch, and supports multiple cities and churches in the area. We do not ask the new regions to take on the burden of these costs, only to building the leadership team and invite as many attendees as they can. The typical launch costs include:

  • Transportation (we fly Southwest) and accommodations (we usually sleep on floors or donated beds) for the executive team to and from the region to meet with local leaders and setup the initial Encounter. ~ $1500.
  •  A trailer to transport equipment and luggage to and from events. ~$6500.
  • A/V and tech gear for the events (includes computer, television, loudspeakers, microphones, sound board, etc.) ~$9000.
  • Initial camp deposits, transportation of launch team (from other regions) to and from the first event. ~$2000.
  • Scholarships set aside for new location. ~$1000.