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We have been blessed to serve men and women who have experienced the Encounter from all over the world. Several have partnered with us to take the program all over the United States. Because the Encounter is intentionally not a highly structured program, we rely on local ministry partners to ensure that the men and women in those regions have extensive support in areas of care, discipleship, and community. We have a few primary requirements:

    1. The support of a local church to “host” the event (for pickup and drop-off of attendees to and from camps).
    2. The support of a local leadership team that has attended the Encounter and gone through the necessary discipleship training.
    3. A community of men and women ready to attended and grow in Christ.
    4. Local ministries available to disciple, encourage, and counsel the attendees before and after the events.
    5. Leaders are expect to be attending and supporting a local church, meet the Biblical qualifications held for leader (Titus 1:5-9), and being willing and able to make a significant commitment to their community.

If you are interested in seeing the Encounter in your area, please open the form linked below and let us know.