The Encounter

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What is the Encounter?

Encounter is 3 days of intense spirit led learning, testimony and worship led by Christians from all walks of life. While programs, workbooks and lessons are important and have significance, they are absent from the Encounter. That is because Encounter is designed to be your time of total presence with our Heavenly Father.

Every Encounter is an individual experience where you have the opportunity to discover how God’s infinite grace is impacting your life. Those who have attended one or more Encounters will tell you that the best Encounter is the next one. All local transportation, meals and accommodations are included. We have almost everything covered. The rest is up to you.

Men’s and Women’s Encounters are organized across the nation. Each is a unique experience. Please click on the links below for details on each program.

Changing lives one Encounter at a time.

Men’s Encounter

Men’s Encounter is 48 hours unplugged from regular life and prayerfully, a transformational and new experience. The experience is unique for each man and impossible to explain…even for those who have attended multiple times. Pack away your Smart Phone and your tablet and come and experience the Holy Spirt as He moves in your life in new ways.

Women’s Encounter

Women’s Encounter is best defined as an unexpected experience. When we come to Jesus, we have our own expectations. He has his own plan. And while different from our own, it is always better. This is an opportunity to leave the stresses of work, home, family and life behind for 48 hours and welcome Jesus back into your heart.