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What is GROW?

“GROW:God’s Resource On Wisdom” is the new iteration of our weekend event, formerly “2.0”, now open to a wider audience beyond Encounter alumni.


Friday, April 12 | 5:30pm – 9pm
Saturday, April 13 | 7:30am – 5pm

Why Join GROW?

  • Unlock Divine Insights: Learn from biblical figures and teachings that provide guidance, character development, and clarity on God’s path for you.
  • Experience Growth: Join a transformative journey alongside peers seeking spiritual deepening through the lives of God’s chosen examples.
  • Spirit-Led Sessions: Gain from instructors versed in biblical wisdom.
  • Community of Seekers: Connect with a community eager for spiritual growth and shared insights.

Who is our character focus for this GROW event?

Through this deep dive we will uncover the life and attributes of Abigail, wife of Nabal, who was a rich and wicked man. Abigail had faith in God and recognized His plan for Israel concerning David, the man whose intent was on destroying everything she’d known. Humble, honoring, and respectful people believe for God’s good plan and expect the best outcome.
Abigail was not powerful, but she was forgiving and wise. Not only did her wisdom save numerous lives and avert David’s misconduct; it also caught his respect.

Who Should I Attend GROW?

Anyone looking for spiritual direction, deeper purpose, or to enrich their spiritual life through the variety of biblical people chosen by God.

Register for GROW today. Don’t forget to share this link and ask others to join you!

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