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26 August 2022
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What should I

It is difficult to define what an Encounter with God looks or feels like. The Men’s Encounter is not a retreat, and prayerfully like nothing you have ever experienced. It is a unique opportunity for every man that it impossible to describe, even to those who have experienced it themselves. Over the course of the weekend (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon) it is our hope that more men will learn how our Savior Jesus Christ truly desires to impact their lives. Through prayer, worship, and testimony men will learn how  God desires them to lead and love their families, community, and church. More importantly, we believe it is the desire of the Lord that each and every man walk away with a renewed faith and drive to seek after Him with a new sense of purpose and freedom.

What is expected of me?

There are no expectations and no requirements (other than being 18 years old) for attending the Encounter. We’ve had men at every stage of their faith, from every walk of life, even non-believers, attend and have life-changing experiences.

How should I prepare?

Pray early, pray often.
Pray that God opens your heart to his gift in this Encounter.
Pray for the brothers with you.
Pray for safety throughout.


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